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Do you know where your data is stored and how it is being used?


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In today’s digital world, data is a very valuable commodity. The more personal, private or sensitive your data, the more valuable it is and – like any valuable – it needs protecting. 

We use a 3 stage process to ensure your private data stays private: Prepare, Predict, Prevent.  This process is proven to identify and stop the 3 biggest causes of data theft: Unauthorised Access, System Security and Virus Control.

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Since COVID-19, the US FBI reported a 300% increase in reported cybercrimes


Protecting Your Assets

We are the ‘go-to’ organisation and trusted partner to provide complete end to end, best in class privacy and cyber security solutions and services to businesses, government, financial services and high net worth individuals.


Do you know if:

Your personal, sensitive data is as secure as it can be, regardless of where it is stored?

Your sensitive emails are securely sent and not open to interception?

Your phone and online chat conversations are secure and private?

Your current systems and protection are fit for purpose and adhere to current and future data protection regulations?


Predicting with 100% certainty that an attack is going to occur is not generally possible.  That said, CDS have a comprehensive Alerting, Recording and Monitoring (ARM) service, you can be informed of unusual behaviours and activity on your network allowing you to ‘Predict’ where an attacker may try next and shutting it down before it becomes an incident.


Ensuring any existing systems are working and configured correctly, providing the services they should and be fit for purpose is of paramount importance. Simply installing a solution and not reviewing, monitoring or updating regularly, introduces and allows an unnecessary level of risk.

New exploits and vulnerabilities are released daily. If your boundary and internal controls are not reviewed regularly and systems are even one month out of date, you could be placing your privacy and data at risk.

CDS can take care of the entire process providing the correct advice, processes, solution selection and risk mitigation to ensure your security and privacy end to end.

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