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CDS’s Cyber Consultancy Service is delivered by highly qualified and skilled professionals – we transfer our knowledge to help you achieve your business goals.


Cyber Consultancy Service

We believe very strongly in a “security by design” approach. Cyber and data security should be built in at the very start of any project or solution. That way, it becomes integral to the processes and mind set throughout the entire organisation. In addition, making users aware of their responsibilities with regards to cyber and data protection, along with regular training sessions on the subject further underpin our entire methodology.

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Cyber Security Review

Our cyber security reviews provide a comprehensive, independent assessment of your current capability to protect your information assets. The review identifies vulnerabilities and makes recommendations to fix them.

Penetration Testing

Carried out by highly skilled and experienced testers, our Penetration Tests can be tailored to your exact requirements and will include a full, detailed report explaining all the issues and risks found and how to mitigate manage or accept those risks.

Awareness Training

The weakest link in any organisation are humans and awareness training is vital. But by simply conducting the training and not measuring its success, the impact is negligible. Our training takes care of this, including a unique insight into social engineering and the risks for all organisations and individuals.

Vulnerability Scanning

Our best-in-class Vulnerability Scanning services provide a fully managed solution to identify your cyber security vulnerabilities and protect your network from unwanted threats.

Virtual CISO

The Virtual Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) service provides a dedicated outsourced board-level resource that 'virtually sits inside your company’ to advise and execute your security strategy.

Incident Response

When (not if) a cyber attack happens, or if you are currently experiencing an attack, then our expert team will take control of the situation and help guide you through our market leading prevention programme.

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If you have a cyber or privacy issue or have been attacked recently then contact us today to speak with one of our security specialists to arrange an initial consultation.

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