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If you are worried about unchecked Cyber Security threats harming your business, you are in the right place.


Assessments and Testing Services

CDS IT security risk assessment services will give you in-depth insights into your Cyber Security risks so that you can build an effective defence.

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58.8% of the respondents to a security incident were using tools for ransomware prevention and 83% of them claimed that these tools were helpful


Protecting Your Assets

Our security assessment services are designed to identify internal and external cyber security threats facing your information assets. Using best in class technologies and thousands of hours of experience we set in place a programme to find vulnerabilities in your network security. At the same time, we build a complete understanding of your IT systems.

From our assessment we provide an in depth and comprehensive security report with a full set of actionable recommendations outlining how to close the threats.


Systems Penetration testing (Pen Testing) is a core tool for identifying key risks to your IT systems. Pen Testing sits outside your usual security processes to provide an additional layer of expertise. We operate both Whitebox and Blackbox testing taking on real world scenarios to gain access to your core systems (e.g. lost laptop, unauthorised devices etc…). Our testing experience covers all common and publicly known vulnerabilities along with weaknesses specific to any bespoke systems you may have.


Unauthorised access will typically come from a weakness in one or more of the following aspects of systems architecture: Infrastructure (including networks, services, patch levels and configuration), Web Applications (Software that is permitted to access both the internal and external network) or Business Processes (including Employee Awareness and understanding). Understanding where your biggest vulnerabilities may lie enables CDS to focus on the delivering targeted threat assessments that clearly identify the level of technical risk your organisation face from malicious agents.


Prevention is always better than cure, so we target 4 main areas most likely to allow a systems breach: bespoke software, systems configuration, intruder detection rates and security response times. Identifying vulnerabilities is a mixture of proven process and earned expertise to make sure that the configurations are comprehensive, secure and up to date.
A successful vulnerability assessment results in one of two options: first – a clean bill of health (and peace of mind) or second – a clear plan of action to update and reconfigure systems to secure your business data.

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