Corporate Cyber Security

Cyber-crime has reached a global scale, and no business is safe from attack. The corporate financial and reputational dangers are high and in some cases, the outcome can be crippling.


Exposed to Multiple Risks

Your business is under a perpetual threat of suffering a cyber security breach. From malicious staff to external attacks, phishing, and ransomware, you are exposed to multiple risks.

Should your business become a target, there is a real danger of disruption to your operations, destruction of your reputation, and theft of your data.

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The cost of a successful cyber-attack is over £3 million, or £200 per employee

Ponemon Institute

Protecting Your Assets

To provide you with a complete cyber security solution, our ongoing activity includes risk management, security assessment, security improvements and controls, and status reporting. We protect your personnel, computers, networks, software, and data.

Advanced Firewall solutions

Offering complete application and data control along with superior intrusion prevention, file analysis and bespoke CDS provided capabilities, with no loss of network performance.

Continued scanning of internal systems

Constant scanning for known weaknesses and vulnerabilities, along with regular, automated patching of servers and workstations.

Dark web and Online monitoring

CDS provides dark web and online assessment and monitoring for exposed passwords, confidential corporate data and information related to key personnel that could indicate a data breach.

Monitoring of internal systems

For unauthorised changes or access to servers, workstations, users, groups, shares and mailboxes.

Prevent identity theft

Corporate protection no longer starts and ends at the door of the office. It extends far beyond that. CDS can assess and advise on secure, remote working solutions and processes and also review any regular home working locations to ensure no unnecessary risks are being introduced.

Secure Data

Ensure all personal and private information is stored, controlled, monitored, accessed and deleted correctly. Adhering to current and new Data Protection Regulations.


A vulnerability assessment helps us to prepare the best cyber security solution for your business. We identify weaknesses in your business operations, network, systems, and hardware that may leave you open to the threat of a cyber-attack.


Our methodology helps us to predict and quantify the likelihood of you suffering a cyber security breach and how it could impact your business. By quantifying the risk levels and identifying the primary and current potential threats, we can plan proactive countermeasures.


We employ a range of methods to prevent your business from being damaged by a cyber-attack. Our tactics include penetration testing, data leaks monitoring, application security testing, and protection of cloud and network security.


Additional Services

CDS brings extensive experience in the development and implementation of cyber and data security solutions to protect your data and privacy.

Incident Response

Response and containment in the event of an attack, helping to identify possible entry points, identify stolen data, clean up affected systems and offer clear, concise guidance on what measures to take post-event to assist in prevention of any future compromises.

Assessments & Testing

Simply installing a cyber and privacy solution and not reviewing, monitoring or updating regularly introduces and allows an unnecessary level of risk. CDS are experts in assessing and testing systems to ensure they are working to include penetration testing, vulnerability assessments, remote monitoring and wireless network assessments.

ARM – Alert, Record, Monitor

Knowing what is happening on any network at any point in time is of paramount importance. Without continued alerting, recording and monitoring of events, network activity and system changes, how could you possibly know a breach has occurred or a security risk exists?

Privacy & GDPR

Do you know where your data is stored, where it's going and who has access to it? CDS provide protection and privacy of personal, confidential and commercially sensitive data regardless of where this is stored, be that onboard a vessel, corporate offices or mobile devices.

Counter Measures

Eavesdropping and spying are increasingly more prevalent for high profile and / or wealthy businesses or individuals. CDS thwarts unwanted cybercrime through comprehensive TSCM electronic counter-measures services including the detection of visual and listening surveillance devices and countersurveillance software for accessing computing and mobile devices.

Anti-Drone Protection

As the number of drones grows exponentially, so do the challenges. The wide reach of drone surveillance technology increases the risk of Cyber Security attack and the threat to privacy. A.I.M is the only anti-drone system that detects, guards and protects high-value assets against the new and growing threat of drones.

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