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React to threats with rapid cyber-attack response.


Incident Response Services

The risk of a cyber attack is omni-present in the tech landscape. If you are affected by a cyber-attack, clear assessment and quick diagnosis are required to take control and eliminate the threat.

The CDS cyber incident response team is effective in managing critical security threats by mitigating the damaging effects of any cyber-attack, investigating how they propagate and providing a rapid response.

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Protecting Your Assets

CDS qualified security professionals have the skills, knowledge and experience to investigate cyber incidents of all types – from low-level phishing events to highly sophisticated and targeted breaches. Using the latest cutting edge intelligence and the best in class security technology available, the CDS incident response team will quickly identify how the cyber attacks happened and then diagnose risks and to identify the true nature of the breach.

Should the unthinkable happen, you can rely on CDS to provide clear containment and remediation advice to minimise the damage a cyber-attack can cause.


The increasing visibility of cyber-attacks has ensured that off-site back-ups (particularly cloud backups) and secure logins have become a DeFacto standard in organisational design but there is much more to do if you want to advance your security to the next level.  We offer external security testing (so called white hat or ethical hacking) to identify any ‘back doors’ whilst our state-of-the-art technologies create hardened systems that offer robust protection from cyber crime that you can be confident to deploy.


One of the most significant tools to anticipate likely cyber-attacks is ‘big data’.  We actively use previous attack data from across the globe to detect and prevent breaches to your systems. AI and machine learning tools comb through huge data sets to model the latest tools and techniques being used to access secure data. These models are then applied to your systems with phenomenal speed and accuracy to significantly improve detection rates.  Human oversight is used to ensure the right course of action is taken to minimise risk without impacting your day-to-day operations.


The tools needed to prevent unauthorised access are well known, tried and tested but – as with most things – it’s how they’re deployed that counts. Firewalls, antivirus software, access controls, air gaps and eMail scanning are only as useful as their configuration and all need updating regularly as your business changes day-to-day.  What was best-in-class yesterday may not be best-for-you today. CDS can review, update and model settings that are right for your business creating physical and electronic barriers to entry that prevent data loss.

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